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Family counseling in Spring Branch, TX

Whether it be for family counseling or another type of therapy, we're confident you will find the team at Smithson Valley Counseling Center in Spring Branch highly experienced, compassionate, and able to offer unique solutions to help your improve the quality of your life.


Sheila McHenry LMFT-S, Clinical Director

Dr. Sheila McHenry LMFT-S has been a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist since 1988. She graduated from California Lutheran University cum laude, in 1978. She earned her Masters in Marriage Family Child Counseling from Azusa Pacific University in 1986. She interned with California’s Ventura County Public Social Services working with Children’s Protective Services until 1988 when she became fully licensed. While working with CPS, she worked investigations, working to reunify families, and did court work on behalf of abused children. Her work with her families resulted in several families following her into her private practice because of the quality of services they received; an usual attribute for the “typical” CPS worker. 

Due to the number of trauma survivors she encountered early on in private practice; Dr. McHenry returned to school at Ryokan College and earned her Doctorate in Psychology in 1997. Ryokan was a regionally accredited college. Thus she remains licensed in Texas as a Marriage Family Therapist, not as a Psychologist. Dr. McHenry continues being dually licensed as a LMFT-S in CA and TX.

Dr. McHenry is in network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of TX; Tricare West; the Veterans Choice Program; Tricare South; and has pending acceptance with Tricare East, which is taking over for Tricare South later in 2017. 

She works with clients throughout the lifespan. She is also trained in hypnotherapy, and has been trained / certified in EMDR since 1994. She also has special training in therapy for survivors of child abuse; Adult Children of Alcoholics (and other drugs); dissociative disorders; Behavioral therapy; CBT; RET; and using art, play, and movement therapies. 

Dr. McHenry’s clients include children, teens and adults with a variety of presenting concerns. She has worked with teens (and their families) who are pursuing college scholarships or professional level sports. She also works with children and teens struggling academically or who have been targets of bullying. 

She also works with families and couples. She assists parents struggling with parenting concerns. She assists couple’s seeking to resolve and recover from infidelity and uses the research of Dr. John Gottman in her couple’s work. 
Dr. McHenry also works with families going through divorce. In particular, her focus in divorce is healthy co-parenting and making sure that children are emotionally supported through the process of parental divorce. With veterans, her clients include those with PTSD, and those who have experienced Military Sexual Assault. 

She has also consulted with businesses on issues with staff, and with professionals in the corporate world who are working to improve their professional performance. 

If you have any questions about her services or are interested in making an appointment, please call the office or use our online form. 

Mary Disbrow LMFT - Associate

Mary Disbrow joined Smithson Valley Counseling Center in 2016. She has previous experience assisting clients in addiction recovery. She has also worked with the homeless and people in overwhelming life circumstances. She was also a member of the local Red Cross mental health team.  

Mary has a Bachelors in Elementary Education; a Master of Arts in Education with an Elementary Education and Early Childhood Specialization; a MAE in Administration in Supervision; and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Mary focuses on individuals, couples, and families and enjoys working with her clients on their growth personally and relationally. She also enjoys sandtray work with children, teens and adults. Much like art therapy, sandtray work involves the client working three dimensionally to give a voice to what issues may be known and emerging within the individual. This is a wonderful doorway to address internal conflicts and highlight areas of evolving growth and change. 

Mary enjoys the following areas: communication; relationships; intimacy; grief work; life-transitions; life balance; self-care; mindfulness; improving coping skills; people dealing stress and chronic illness; anxiety; depression; trauma and PTSD; and working with learning disabilities.

Mary is under the supervision of Dr. Sheila McHenry, LMFT-Supervisor, 830-624-6846.
Elihennette Carreon, LMFT-A
Before joining the Smithson Valley Counseling Center, Inc., Elihennette worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate from September 2016 to July 2017. Prior to that she worked with the Department of the Army as an Emergency Relief Officer from August 2013 to September 2016. From October 2010 to August 2013 she worked as a Casualty Manager as part of the Department of the Army as well on Ft. Sam Houston, TX. 

Elihennette is an Iraq war veteran and served in the US Army for 8 years. Elihennette received her BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in 2012 and her MS in Family, Couple and Individual Psychotherapy with Psychological Services for Spanish Speaking Populations (PSSSP) Certificate from Our Lady of the Lake (OLLU) in San Antonio, TX in 2015. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. 

Elihennette has experience working with Veterans, Spanish speaking clients, couples, families and individual clients. She is very excited about working with clients to help empower people for change and increased self confidence in dealing with life concerns. Her background in the military, and understanding the VA system, makes her an invaluable asset for veterans seeking help with war related concerns, and moving beyond the military culture. For an appointment with Elihennette, please call our office! 

Elihennette is under the supervision of Dr. Sheila McHenry, LMFT-Supervisor, 830-624-6846.

Kassandra Thompson, LPC-Intern

Kassandra Thompson, LPC-Intern, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, following with her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in the state of Texas. She utilized her skills as an intern at a Community Mental Health Center working with outpatient clients experiencing homelessness, schizophrenia, bipolar, addictions, anxiety, depression, and a range of other mental health struggles. 

Kassandra moved to Texas from Wyoming in 2014. Her ambition for Marriage and Family counseling comes from the experience of her own divorce, and working hard to create a positive co-parenting environment for her two children. She believes that all people deserve a safe and warm space to be heard, and works to guide her clients toward making the change they desire and look forward to their future. 

Kassandra believes in using psychoeducation and a multi-theoretical approach with her clients, as each and every person is different and has needs that aren’t one-size-fits-all. She enjoys working with children using play therapy, as children express themselves best through play. 

Kassandra has experience working with individuals, groups, families, and couples. She is trained in addictions and grief, trauma, and loss, and works with individuals who are coping with low self-esteem, recovery from trauma, relationship and family issues, and adjustment to life changes.

Kassandra believes that anyone can gain knowledge through his or her experiences in an optimistic way in a warm, supportive, therapeutic environment. When facing challenges and struggles, one does not need to feel alone; it can be very advantageous to have someone by your side that is nonjudgmental, understanding, and compassionate.

Kassandra is under the supervision of Samantha Airhart-Larraga, LPC-Supervisor, (956)-455-6200. 


In addition to at least a Master’s Degree in education and training, our counselors have over three decades of on-the-job experience. Although each client's situation is unique, we have helped many people work through a wide variety of problems using a number of tried and tested techniques. We feel this experience may be beneficial to you too.

Unique solutions

Our qualified counselors are here to help you with any complicated family, addiction or other issues that are affecting your life at this time. We can offer professional advice to assist with: parent and child conflict; drug, alcohol and food abuse; depression; divorce; and illness.

Our counselors are here to help you with the issues you and your family are facing. We work with each person, couple and family on an individualized basis. Good therapy is tailored to the individual needs of each client. We can work with you to skill build in the growth areas you are facing. We understand that each person comes in with specific strengths as well as needs; and we want to enhance what is already present with skills, psychoeducation, and psychotherapy to resolve areas that you want to change. 

If you are experiencing any of the above and want to enlist the assistance of a professional counselor, contact the team at Smithson Valley Counseling Center for a confidential consultation today.

Our approach

We provide a discreet and empathetic service that takes each individual's and each family's unique circumstances and personalities into account. We also offer confidential one-on-one sessions, as well as family and couple’s sessions so that all members of the family can help find a path to resolution. We pride ourselves on offering the community a safe, understanding space where families can find a way to work through their issues to cultivate and maintain stable, loving relationships. And for people to find their meaning, and the context that makes sense for their lives: personally and professionally. 
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